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Horse shoeing is an event and everyone must show up for the occasion, except for Pony who always stays behind.

Pony hiding near the bushes.

Our quarter horse, Bella who is 12 years old, has been lame for over two months.Bella is our horse on the left and Frodo is our pony on the right.

  Since we are not made of money (like most of us these days), we have not been able to run any fancy diagnostics to figure it all out.  She is lame in her back legs.  She struggles with going up and down hills and since the arena that the girls ride at is down a steep hill, this is a real problem.

In hopes of trying to solve the lameness mystery, we first thought of considering possible feet issues.  We had Micheal Branson over and as soon as he saw Bella, he was sure the issue was all in her feet.  He said that the heels of her hooves had worn down too much which was over stretching her tendons and muscles resulting in soreness and pain, especially when going up and down hills.  Apparently, she had been trimmed incorrectly in the past by a different horse shoe-er and he got over aggressive with her heels.

Bella’s hoof which is very worn down in the back.

Not only did Micheal suggest shoes on her feet, but he also suggested pads.  He explained that shoes alone were not enough and that she also needed the pads to help wedge up the heel.

Michael putting the rubber pad on and then nailing the shoe on.

Bella’s hoof with pad and shoe.

Here you can see the difference in the angle of the back legs.  The leg without the pad and shoe appears to be more strained because it is more angled back.  The hoof with the pad and shoe appears more vertical now.

Our Great Pyrenees, Addy and FeFe, love to eat and chew on horse hooves.  Trimmings and shoeing are a special event for them!

I told the Micheal that he should bag up horse trimmings and sell them to dog owners!  Don’t even try to take one of these delicacies away from them.

So far it has been three days with the new shoes on (Bella has the most expensive shoes in the family) and we most definitely see a huge improvement but that is also with two doses of Bute a day.  More shall be revealed when we stop giving her the anti-inflammatory which will be in a few more days, but we are very hopeful!