In the Kitchen

I enjoy cooking when I have the energy and time, energy is something I usually have, time is not.  So, I try to plan ahead and prepare main courses in large batches that I can freeze for later use.  I call it my “Saturday (sometimes Sunday) Cooking Sprees” which is when I will pick one or two main meals/soups that I can make and freeze.

If I really wanted to be easy, I would just go and purchase frozen meals from the market and cook those.  The one thing you will learn about me is that I’m very picky about what I eat and the last person I want nourishing my body is big corporate America.  Who really knows what they put in the food and where they get it from.  In their maddening quest for profit, they put the consumer at risk by polluting every bite with additives, food coloring, preservatives, and tainted meat.  They also misuse natural resources, directly or indirectly treat animals in-humanly, and have poor employee relations predominantly hiring immigration workers and then deporting them after they have gotten their use out of them (watch Food Inc.).  Purchasing any of their products is like saying, YES I agree with everything you do.  I agree with food pollution, animal abuse, and human exploitation; keep doing it! Then there are the more responsible companies that make organic frozen meals using meat that has not been fed antibiotics or other additives.  But I have to ask, are their meals really as simple and as healthy as mine?  I have to question mile long ingredient lists of unidentifiable substances, items I would have to spend time researching so that I could understand what exactly I’m eating.  And I have yet to find frozen dinners with grass fed beef or pasture raised pork/poultry in any market.  Then there is the questions of where did everything come from, the vegetables, the meat, the packaging?  Can I purchase this all locally and support my local economy?

My disclosure-I’m not a chef and I don’t pretend to be one.  I possess no great talent for cooking, but I can open a cookbook and read the instructions and follow through, although not always successfully.  What I am good at is trying to figure out how to eat locally grown/raised, wholefood diets without spending hours on end in the kitchen.  I welcome you on this journey with me and hope that I can enable you to eat better and more responsibly in a way that is convenient for you and your family.

One more disclosureI’m not a fanatic about this.  It’s not like everything I use has to come from scratch or within a short mile radius of my home.  This is not a black/white situation.  Within reason, within the confines of having a family, running several businesses, being on a tight budget, and homeschooling my children, I do the best I can to eat from local sources as I have time.  That being said, almost every meal I make has something in it that is not from a local source even if it is the spices I use.

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