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School at Home

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Our home school challenge…

God blessed me with four beautiful dyslexic children who do not thrive in the traditional school system, although my oldest just joined the public school ranks at grade 9.  All of my children have full IEPs (Individualized Education Program) which enables them to recieve additional services for a grand total of just three hours a week of one on one time with a special resource instructor.  Otherwise, they are thrown in the mix with everyone else.  Other “advantages” that they have with their IEP are extended test taking time and possible reduction of homework loads.  Wow!  I’m really blown away by all this support.  Now, this is NO FAULT of the teachers, it is the system, and the system is severely broken.  The system has a mind and motor of it’s own and it is difficult to find the ultimate culprit for the total lack of adequate support for dyslexic children and children with other disabilities.  In fact, the state of California public school system will not even acknowledge dyslexia as a diagnosis!

Way Back When…

Back when the economy was decent, we completely over extended ourselves and sent two of our children to a specialized school for dyslexia called Chartwell.  The school was $30,000 per year per student and that was four years ago; now, the tuition is even more.  We also drove four hours a day to get them their and back so we spent another $5000 just in gas (we have a large vehicle to fit everyone).  We managed somehow to do this for two years (actually we are still paying off the credit card for this) until our third showed up dyslexic as well.  We were already struggling to send two of them to Chartwell and the paying for a third was impossible.  We knew that if we homeschooled the third, there was no way we could even consider sending the other two to Chartwell on what would would soon become a one income household due to me having to leave the helm of the ship for my store (one income for the most part).  We asked for help from Chartwell but we were met with mediocre offers such as $5000 off the third tuition, how about three for the price of two was my thought!  So, we took the plunge…

And here we are and I have to say, it has been wonderful and painful all at the same time.  It was a very daunting task to even consider teaching my children not mention dyslexic children.  How was I to teach them to read with zero training?

Where there is a will, there is a way…

Yes, we did take the plunge and I will share my experience, strength, and joy with you in hopes that you may empower yourself and thereby empower your children.  If you have dyslexic children or kids that struggle with reading and math, you have come to the right place!  My wish is to give you hope, encouragement, and practical help to aid you in this monumental task.  When you tell people that your child is dyslexic, people respond like they understand because so and so was dyslexic and it all got better, and isn’t that something you outgrow, anyway?  I want to scream when I hear these comments.  No one really understands until it is their own child who is crying because they can’t even read a street sight, they have to ask you which door says men and which says women when they go to bathroom, they can never get their letter write no matter how many times you show them, they can’t remember their phone number, they can’t get their math facts down if their life depended on it, they can’t process as quickly, can’t, can’t, can’t…  As you watch their self-esteem get trampled to the ground, as you watch them compare themselves to their peers, as you watch them fail in a very driven world as early as preschool, you panic!  I understand this!  I know what you are going through.  I have FOUR dyslexic children so I believe I KNOW A THING OR TWO ABOUT A THING OR TWO.  I don’t have a degree, I don’t have teaching credentials, but I have a parents passion and money nor education can get you that.  Passion carves paths that lead to answers like a stream etching though sludge until it turns to a river and carries the entire hillside down.  That is what I’ve done, am doing, and will continue to do.  You are your child’s only true advocate.

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